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SletoAbecks France Crazy Team !!! 

SletoAbecks France Crazy Team !!! 


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Otro increibe Vid de Shannon & Antoine en Lisboa.



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Porto’s review

How can we summarize in just few words this week-end ?We can’t so here we go for the review ! We were there with the BecksLeto Team 
This week-end was an epic one ! We arrived in Porto the morning and we spent to whole day laying down the ocean under the sun.At 5pm we decided it would be better to come back to the hotel , two hours later ( yeah it was a long preparation) we joined our friends for the dinner near the club. Some people were already waiting for the show. We’ve met the wonderful street-team of Spain Austria and London.

At 00pm the club was officially open and it was the start of the first sweaty party of this european tour.
The « V.I.P » area was in the back of the club behind the DJ’s area and Shannon’s drums . It was full.
The first dj wasn’t that bad but it was very long , and the same music playing .After 3 hours , Antoine finally arrived after he did his conections ( it took about 15/20 minutes) , he started but after few minutes the sound stopped…Everybody and Antoine too didn’t understood what was happening ( it was a compatibility problem).5 minutes later the show began . What you can listen on Antoine’s 2012 mix is nothing compared to the music he plays during the parties.15 minutes later Shannon arrived,he stayed with antoine then go to his drums and started playing meanwhile we we’re jumping on the speakers.This party was incredible ,: the relation with the crowd was amazing.

We were kind of alone on the center of the dancefloor but it was before that Shannon came twice dancing with the crowd near us : we were pushed by the girls who were like a tsunami or flies attracted to honey .Well the show continued during one hour. In the end , Antoine and Shannon signed some autographes , took pictures with fans and they left.The show lasted almost 3 hours.
This party was epic in so much points but it was mainly a friend party.For some of us it wasn’t the first time , for me it was and I can say it’s the best party I’ve ever been to ! Such a great performance , two great man in a real connection with their public : beautiful ! Can’t wait to see them again and sweat with my friend dancing to this amazing music.
The bad point of this night was the security crew whose was rude and incompetent as the producer.

 After the Champs-Élysées , The Pont des Arts : The french team shantoinised the people ! They were sexy and they liked it ! There is the pics … 

Bar Crew ^^

Even @TheCarolineO ^^ !!!! 

Antoine @ Swing Porto 3.30.12 ! @CB7AntoineBecks 



SLAB French Team in Porto, 3.30.12! 

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